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Scouts and Explorers take part in Rye’s Rotary Walk

Posted on July 12th, 2015 by Steph
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On 24th May 2015 1st Rye Scout Group and many other organisations and individuals got involved in order to raise  money for numerous charities, as organised by The Rotary club. 11078051_825779200793405_6226484960947971120_o

On this walk, there was a choice of a short walk of 5K and a long walk of 10K, being the tenacious and challenge-thirsty scouts we are everyone, who could, opted for the long road.

There was a short questionnaire to fill out while taking part in this hike, so we had to be vigilant (a challenge in itself for some!), safe to say our Group Leader, Bill, answered the most questions as many of the scouts got distracted by their surroundings, not difficult considering how beautiful the weather was that day!


We were very lucky to be experiencing the absolute best of the summer, and we were very well looked after by volunteers who pitched a refreshments checkpoint which happened to be situated at the historic and scenic Camber Castle! We decided - as there were free tours- to explore Camber Castle and to read a little more on it's history!

After a very relaxing lunch, filled with wonderful, sugary tea and Mint Cake provided by one of the Explorers, we set off again and this time managed to accidentally detour!

We stopped and said Hi to one of the locals who was 'doing up' his Motorbike.11737046_814567881990594_314637853_nWe were so comfortable with our surroundings that we forgot to navigate using the map and, instead, we went some time off course! As soon as we realised our mistake we doubled back and headed in a circle back to Camber Castle - as per the route.

Of course, we couldn't help but to explore the castle one last time, this time taking some photos....

We made it back to Rye, having made up our time and exhausted our legs, but for our Scouts and Explorers, they had completed it! A very big achievement for all, although I'm sure the free tea and biscuits definitely added to motivation!


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